Meet Dr. Ladd

My gift is helping. My purpose is service. That said, I am at a place in life where I want to do more of what makes me happy. What makes me happy is when at the end of the session, my client looks at me and I see hope in their eyes. What makes me happy is when a client smiles at the end of the session, happier for having discovered something new about themselves. Or when a client learns how to slow down and drop inside, how to hang out with whatever's happening long enough to study it and see what might be learned. Or when a client relaxes long enough and deep enough to say, "Oh…This is what safety feels like." I know I've done my job when a client, upon reflecting back over the work we have done together says, "I feel more whole. I feel more like myself. I am the person I was always meant to be."

I believe that problems begin in human relationships and problems are solved in human relationships. The work I do with clients at Ecclesia is about being more whole; more connected with oneself and with others. What makes me happy is when I can see before me a client who has learned how to connect with happiness and I hear the person I care about say, "I feel more whole."

Meet Dawne

Dawne is our friendly and outgoing administrative assistant at Ecclesia. With 10 years of experience assisting Dr. Ladd’s clients, she is dedicated to helping make your experience a positive one. She’s genuinely interested in orienting you to the office including getting you started with tea or coffee and looking after paperwork. You'll usually meet Dawne at the front desk when you arrive for your session, and she's more than willing to help out if there's anything that you need.

Meet Tsabu

Tsabu, Ph.Dog., is Ecclesia's Greeter and Dr. Ladd's Co-Therapist. He is a patient listener who really understands the concept of unconditional positive regard. He is unfalteringly cheerful and a faithful friend to all in need. More than anything, Tsabu sees comfortable seating in his office as very important.