Risks and Benefits

Psychological services provide a safe space and an opportunity for you to explore feelings, behaviours, thoughts, and relationships which may be troubling or causing difficulty in life. Psychotherapy, or counselling, can bring deeper personal insight and awareness, better ways of understanding and coping with problems, and improved relationships. At the same time, therapy sometimes requires that one be willing to examine difficult topics or periods of life, to experience stronger than usual emotions, to experience changes in self-awareness, try out different behaviours, and to experiment with new ways of relating to others. Each person experiences counselling in a unique way. Healing and positive change are the intended results of working with Dr. Ladd. Even positive change can be unsettling and upsetting. It is important that you inform Dr. Ladd of any concerns or questions, should you experience any such difficulties during the treatment process. Also, remember that treatment is voluntary and you are free to withdrawal from therapy at any time.